What to expect flying after COVID-19 with American Airlines Miami to Seattle

Just last week I took my first essential flight since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Many things have changed in the airline world and while overall passenger numbers are down over 90% planes that are flying are not necessarily empty. Whether you are just curious about what it is like to fly or you have essential flying coming up and you want to be prepared, find out what our experience was from Miami to Seattle via Dallas and Charlotte with American Airlines including the limited remaining First Class meal service. At the time of posting I would not advise leisure travel.

0:00 Intro
1:54 Miami International Airport
6:03 Flight 1 Boarding & Takeoff (MIA-DFW)
9:05 On board PA #1
10:15 Texas Quarantine & Landing
11:17 Dallas Ft Worth Intl. Airport
12:09 Flight 2 Boarding & Takeoff (DFW-SEA)
13:18 On board PA #2
13:52 Cabin walk & on to Seattle
15:06 Seattle Tacoma Intl. Airport
16:11 Flight 3 Boarding & Takeoff (SEA-CLT)
17:38 Meal & On Board PA #3
18:05 Crossing the USA & Landing
19:22 Charlotte Douglas Intl. Airport
20:05 Gate PA Announcement
20:48 Flight 4 Boarding (CLT-MIA), On Board PA #4
21:26 Captain PA
22:38 Landing back at Miami, On Board PA #5
23:04 Closing Thoughts

“Warm Water” by Underbelly, “Jessica” by Joey Pecoraro, and “Castleshire” by Chris Haugen available on Google Audio Library

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro, GoPro Hero 8 Black, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

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