Close Up Plane Spotting at Zurich Airport, ZRH – 30/07/20

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BA 787 London to Zurich Video:

A beautiful summers day at Zurich Flughafen! I’ve passed through ZRH many times but never actually made it to the observation deck, I’ve seen many videos from here in the past but never been myself. Well today was my lucky day, the purpose of my trip was to fly on 2x widebody aircraft that same day. I flew from LHR on the BA 787 which is featured and back to LHR on a Swiss A330 that evening. Allowing me about 5 hours to kill in Zurich, so I decided I’d check out the observation deck which is free to visit if you have a valid boarding pass to fly that day!
Out on the observation deck luckily there is plenty of shade as the temperature was a sweltering 34 degrees!
Now the phrase “you need eyes up your arse” springs to mind when it comes to spotting at ZRH! Planes were coming & going in just about every direction, you didn’t know where to look next. While the majority of departures took place on RWY28 and all arrivals on RWY14 ATC seemed to like keeping you on your toes… a few of the heavier wide bodies instead used RWY16 for departure and subsequently perform a sharp turn to the left and come back on themselves to pass directly overhead of the airport. That was all fine & well, I was filming a Swiss A340 taxing towards RWY16 when out of nowhere another A340 began its take off roll in the opposite direction on RWY34! So that threw me off and I wasn’t expecting that. So were they on southerly or northerly or easterly or just a bit of everything? Planes taking off in every direction it seemed. Made some incredible footage from all angles though so lots to look out for!

Swiss A340’s, 777’s, A330’s, A320’s, A321, A220’s
Edelweiss A320’s
British Airways 787-8
Emirates 777-300
Air Canada 787-9
United 787-9
Qatar A350-900
A few private jets & more!

Obviously there’s much less traffic at the moment than you would usually expect to see due to the virus but still lots of movements and great to see Swiss still putting their beautiful A340’s to good use!

Thanks for watching this video from sunny Zurich!

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