Flight Report during Covid-19 | American Airlines Flight Review

This is my flight report on a recent American Airlines flight from Mia to Dallas. My flight review during coronavirus shows what its like to be flying after lockdown. Not only the flight experience has changed, the airport experience, new rules and how one must act during coronavirus travel has changed as well.

This American Airlines trip report entails my experience as to what its like to fly during the pandemic. Limited service on board, mandatory wearing of masks, social distancing during boarding are just some of the new rules. However, flights are increasing and Americans are starting to fly again. According to FlightAware, a flight tracking website, DFW (Dallas Airport) was the busiest airport, the day I was traveling, with over 8000 arrival and departures. That is a 5% increase of flight activity from the previous week.

My flight from Miami to Dallas on July 8, 2020 was just as the U.S reported over 3 Million infections. I used to enjoy flying very much, but flying during coronavirus is not fun. , several changes have taken place in air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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