American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Full Flight: London to New York (AA107) (with ATC)

A full length full flight video in real time with American Airlines, from London Heathrow to New York JFK, operating flight AA107 on September 12 2015.

**Every moment of the flight included from boarding to deboarding. ATC from entry into US airspace.**

The video begins at the gate in London Heathrow’s Terminal 3, while we await boarding. After a short wait we board the aircraft and take our seat in seat 28L. It’s not long then before we start to push back and receive the safety briefing. We taxi out to runway 27R, before making a long takeoff run, rotating into the early evening. We head west towards South Wales, crossing the Irish Sea and then across southern Ireland at our initial cruising altitude of 32,000ft.

We head out into the Atlantic for our 4hr crossing to Canada, climbing to 34,000ft, before making a left turn just south of Newfoundland to fly off the coast of Nova Scotia. Once we enter the USA near to Maine, we can hear the ATC for the remainder of the flight. Due to stormy weather in New York we make an extended hold just north of Cape Cod. We eventually join a long queue of aircraft making the evening approach into JFK’s runway 13L along Long Island. We make a stunning night time approach, making a series of low right turns over New York before a stunning landing into a wet JFK. We then taxi into AA’s Terminal 8, and exit the aircraft into a busy JFK airport.

Key moments in video:

00:11:40 Pushback
00:12:30 Safety video/engine start
00:24:40 Captain’s welcome announcement
00:28:40 Line up, takeoff runway 27R
00:52:00 Crossing Welsh coast into Irish Sea
00:56:25 Captain gives route and weather information
01:07:00 Crossing Southern Ireland
01:19:30 Crossing Irish coast into Atlantic
01:37:35 Dinner service (Thai Green Curry chosen)
02:06:25 Altercation between passengers resulting in intervention by the cabin crew
02:44:45 Demonstration of IFE
06:52:10 Entering US Airspace. ATC begins, contacting Boston Center
06:56:50 Instructions from ATC to hold due to weather at JFK
07:00:30 Captain announces delay due to holding pattern
07:07:45 Holding pattern commences
08:00:47 Commencing approach over Long Island. Captain asks cabin crew to prepare for landing
08:05:00 Descend to 3,000ft
08:06:15 Contacting JFK Approach
08:09:55 Reducing speed
08:14:11 Turning to intercept final
08:15:03 Cleared for VOR approach
08:16:00 Contacting tower, cleared to land
08:16:55 Breaking through clouds over New York
08:19:10 Sharp turn at low level on Canarsie approach
08:20:55 Touchdown, with lots of spray
08:27:30 Pulling on stand
08:32:38 Deboarding

Video taken from seat 31L.

Airline: American Airlines
Flight: AA107
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER N728AN
From: London – Heathrow (LHR)
To: New York – John F Kennedy (JFK)
Departure: 17:22
Arrival: 20:13
Flight Time: 07:51
Seat: 28L
Flight Path:
**NEW**: Moving real time flight map of this flight:

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Equipment used:

Camera: GoPro Hero4 Silver
Mount: Generic suction mount
Swivel Mount:
Boya Frame Case for GoPro:
Battery: Anker E7 25600mAh
MicroSD cards: Sandisk 128GB


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